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HYPE X Events & Entertainment

Hype X Events & Entertainment is a dynamic and innovative Sydney based event management company. We specialize in creative events as well as artist management. Our solution includes full-house solutions to production as well. Our team of experienced event organizers are always ready and HYPED. Get in touch to know more about us

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Megha Shrestha


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HYPEX Events and Entertainment is proud to be one of the most active event and artist management agency in Sydney, Australia. Contact us today to be a part of young event management professionals whose vison is to take this company global.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy a ticket?

You can buy tickets by clicking the buy now button on the website. Please click on the relevant event's page to get additional details on the events.

How do I join as an artist?

Get in touch with us in order to join us as an artist. HYPEX Events & Entertainment is always looking forward to helping young talents flourish.

Do you have any upcoming events?

All of the information on upcoming events are displayed on the events page on our website. Please click here to view the events page.

Can I hire you to manage an event?

Yes! Our team is interested and available to manage your events. If you want to make your event a success- do get in touch with us.